Quick Update to 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge

My life is most definitely a journey enveloped in chaos. From the moment the alarm rings at 6:00 AM, it is OFF TO THE RACES. Anyone who is familiar with the morning ritual of getting two teenage boys and yourself ready, you have my condolences. Let’s not forget the Rottweiler and Boxer who also need to be fed and let out.

Arrive to work at 8:00 AM. Morning commute consists of traffic and trip to Starbucks. Now an addict of the Nonfat Caramel Macchiato – since taking the 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge.

It’s 5:00 PM and time to leave work. Fight traffic to head north, (beyond home), to pick up my oldest son from his private school. During our route home, stop at my father’s home to feed the horse and ponies. Around 7:00 pm, return to home.

My youngest son is home around 3:00 pm. Somehow he manages to leave a path of destruction throughout the house. To know me is to appreciate that my OCD kicks in to clean up the havoc wreaked by tornado Jacob. Usually by 8:00 pm supper is served. Meanwhile, the dogs are also frothing at the mouth for their evening dinner.

By 9:00 pm, I am usually able to sit down at my computer and go through missed emails and attempt to write some well-thought blogs. I am typically assaulted by the dogs as I sit at my desk. They have been holding in supper as long as they can. A dog walk and two hours later, I start to realize it is time to get to bed. Wake and repeat.

That is a Smooth Day!

Try mixing in an argument with your child over missed homework assignments. The desperate attempt to assist another child with his homework, which is beyond anything you ever learned in college! A distraught stay at home mom who would like to vent. She is upset by her husbands’ inability to appreciate her busy day playing chaperone. Then there is the former client who you have not heard in over a year. Suddenly, they need you to miraculously restore their website they managed to crash.

Fitting in the 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge

The protein shake for breakfast works into my schedule beautifully! The 7-day cleanse has been a remarkable sidekick at my desk that has left me feeling quite full, energized, and serves as a reminder that I have a goal I want to reach.

I DO NOT manage to get the protein shake in for lunch. Instead, I opt for a nice salad with chicken or salad with steak at the local food mart near my office. The protein shake is the nighttime meal that I indulge as I prepare supper for the kids.

Throughout the day, I have the luxury of actually enjoying flavorful protein bars, should I crave something to eat.

Weight and Health Update

I am down 11 pounds in 8 days. I am feeling EXTREMELY motivated by the results! Every time I think I want to reward myself with a little sweet decadence, the feeling passes nearly as fast as it enters my mind.

The satisfaction of having taken off the weight – OUTWEIGHS the food craving.

My first home party to share my success, (and the nutritional products), of the 30 Days Challenge is rapidly approaching. I intend to look FANTASTIC and set an example for all those who are coming to celebrate my victory.