Get rid of toxic habits, people, thought patterns, and clutter!

We ALL have things we need to eliminate from our lives. The reality is, not only your body is full of toxins, your entire life is. A bad job, an even worse relationship, your best friend’s baggage, your own baggage, your closet, and most important, the compilation of garbage inside your body.

Your inbox is getting spammed with crap and your phone is blowing up with notifications. The clutter in your closet, kitchen, and bathroom are subconsciously cluttering your mind and in your free time. You spend time doing activities that you don’t enjoy – with people that you don’t want. Time to detox and make room for good vibes. 

Detoxifying toxic relationships . . .

Start your detox by deleting all your exes’ numbers from your phone. Hide, mute, block, unfollow, that annoying person on social media. (Heck, delete some social media accounts while you are at it). Stop accepting invitations to events you really do not want to attend. Finally, if your own inner voice is toxic, CHANGE its tone.

Detox for your home . . .

If you have items literally hanging in the closet that you have not worn for 18 months. Time to repurpose your clothes. If you are anything LIKE ME, you might even have some you purchased and have yet to wear! Time to cut them all loose and either bring them to a local consignment shop, for some extra cash. Deliver them to a homeless shelter, for some extra “feel good about yourself”. Or, those with the tags can be repurposed as a gift. The Holiday Season is just around the corner.

Detox for the body . . .

This weekend, if the thought of huffing and puffing on the treadmill sends shivers down your spine, escape the gym! Reap the incredible mood-boosting benefits of exercising outdoors! Research shows that simply being outside can help you feel more alive and boost energy levels and well-being. While you’re working on exercise, give yourself some extra support!

Adding in the Arbonne Essentials® Body Cleanse helps to detoxify by cleansing your digestive system. It contains botanicals to support normal digestion, soothe the digestive tract, help support gastrointestinal health and support liver function. When paired with the Daily Fiber Boost, it helps remove toxins from the body through healthy bowel movements.

The MOST IMPORTANT part when it comes to detox . . .

Embrace YOURSELF, and take some time to take care of you.

Ready to take that first step to a simpler, cleaner, happier, and healthier life? Let’s connect and plot out your detox plan today. Until we are able to connect, check out this great little DETOX recipe below.

Did you know? Lemonade becomes healthy when you make it GREEN?

Simple to make and great for a detox.
  • Pour 9 oz of lemonade into a blender.
  • Blend in some kale and spinach, both high in phytonutrients. These will be put to use almost immediately by the body.
  • Blend in a green apple and ginger for extra benefits.