Day 2 Went Up In Flames!

So, DAY 2 did not go entirely as planned. Started off the day with my protein shake. The taste and texture were REMARKABLE. I actually was looking forward to my lunchtime version of it too! Feeling pretty good about the days’ outlook.

Fizz Packs with Pop

Since the weather was hot, I indulged in a fizz-pack drink. They are these spectacular little packets of what I like to call “healthy pop-rocks”.  They add flavor and a little carbonation sensation to your water. Yet they are entirely healthy and jam-packed with good things! Made with select botanical extracts of green tea, guarana, and ginseng, combined with B vitamins and chromium they pack a nice punch. These FUNtastic packs are part of my 30 days to healthy living challenge pack since they actually help the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

Work, Boys, and Chores Strike Again!

This is where the day starts to break down. My intended walk never happened. It was lost somewhere between “ma I need a ride to my friends’ house (which is three towns over)”, and “we have to go to the bookstore and buy a book I missed on summer reading and get school supplies.” Amidst all that, I have two dogs that needed to be delivered and picked up from the vet, push out some social media pieces for a longtime client, and also take advantage of the long weekend to get the house cleaned.

Lunchtime Came and Went

Since I FAILED to adhere to the program and indulge in my lunchtime protein shake, I fell entirely off the wagon. I skipped lunch entirely and by 8:00 pm in the evening, I was STARVING. My hungry brain took over my healthy brain and I consumed a grilled cheese and chicken gumbo. (Bread and cheese are a no-no). Somehow I managed to pack them into one punch!

That awful logic then kicked in – “well, you blew it with dinner, so why not just have that popcorn loaded with butter while watching a late-night movie?’ Oh yeah – if I am going to mess up, I have to mess up real good!

Tomorrow is a NEW day!

In fact, it is TODAY. (I am just getting around to my recap of yesterday). And YES – it has gone MUCH BETTER. I am following the plan. I had my two shakes and two fizz stick experiences – (2 great flavors – pomegranate and citrus). I have also managed to walk 3 miles today and have enjoyed two healthy and pleasant tasting protein bars.

My 30 Day Challenge has so many great tasting food items to assist me! Makes me even wonder if I am getting too much caloric intake. I wonder because I am not feeling any kind of hunger pains.

Net result of 2 days (down 2 pounds)

Day 1: gained a pound
Day 2: lost 3 pounds
Energy level: great