Day 22 and Insanity Strikes Again

The past ten days have been frustrating for me. Between my sons’ school and sports schedules, a new job, and caring for livestock at my father’s farm – I dipped back into bad habits. I am once again pulling all-nighters. Sometimes I am up to keep the house clean, the laundry caught up, the boys’ backpacks ready for school, and to complete odd jobs in graphic design. At nearly 50, one would think that I would stop the insanity.

The Definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

– Benjamin Franklin

Time To Do Things Differently

I have to come out of my comfort zone. This will mean making a few adjustments. ALL the towels in the house don’t have to be laundered at any given time. I should accept my sons are old enough to ensure their backpacks are ready for school. Maybe the vacuum and mop do not have to break out every time an occasional dust bunny crosses my path.

Where Am I Now?

Not where I want to be! I am at a plateau of 13 lbs off. Still experiencing feelings of fatigue. Horrific acid reflux that flares up on a daily basis. If I would just COMMIT to follow my 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge point for point, I am certain I would be in a much better place. Now – my 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge has become a 40 Days to Healthy Living Challenge.

Sunday is a NEW Day (and week)

Fortunately, for me, my Arbonne Essentials 30 Day Challenge kit is good for a solid 60 days. So – all is not lost. Sort of like my weight. Tomorrow will commence with an early morning walk, followed by two protein shakes and some fizz sticks and nutritional bars. I will renew my vows and, unlike many marriages today – I will stay faithful to them! No more cheating.

I Nicole Do Solemnly Swear

  • To make time to take care of myself, to follow my healthy living plan every day.
  • To look in the mirror and be PROUD of who I see!
  • I promise no matter where I may be on this journey, I will remind myself DAILY that I am owning my life!
  • I will dutifully stay engaged with this group.
  • I will OWN my decisions.
  • I promise to take a before and after photo so that I can share my AMAZING results.

Getting Back On The Bike

Join me as I get back on the bicycle to ride down the path of healthy living. Let’s band together and lift each other up to be our healthiest and happiest selves.