Moving and being active is important for a healthy lifestyle. It also makes you sweat, which is a way your body helps itself to naturally detox.

Exercise does not have to be overly strenuous.

The objective of exercising is to get your heart rate up for 30-minute increments. Even 15 minutes of increased heart rate can be extremely beneficial. This will not only burn calories, but you are dramatically improving your cardiovascular health. Your energy levels will increase, resulting in an improved level of happiness and stress reduction.

Gyms and treadmills are nightmares for me!

Hate running on a treadmill? You’re not alone. I feel so awkward and clumsy on them and I always manage to get on one next to Jane Fonda in her tight spandex suit running at a rate of a cheetah!

Find your FUN workout routine!

I have two large and active dogs at home. They tend to be overly rambunctious if they are not exercised. After a good walk/run, they are the sweetest and calmest pups that I adore. So for me, it is NO BRAINER. I wake at 5:00 am to take them out for a 45-minute walk before starting my 6:00 am routine.

Discover an activity you like that requires movement. Maybe this fall, you could forge some time with the kids raking leaves and jumping into them? If it is ice skating you prefer, winter is around the corner. Do you live near woods, get back in touch with nature on a brisk morning hike through them.

NO Excuses

If you find yourself making excuses for not getting your heart rate up for 30 minutes a day – there is NONE sufficient enough to not do this. Find a neighbor or friend who can be your motivational buddy. Tell that person to keep you accountable by either joining you on your routine or placing a phone call to remind you it is time.

The Buddy Challenge

Get a HEALTHY rivalry going where the winner for the week gets rewarded by the one who failed to achieve your goals. Maybe a night of FREE babysitting for the winner? If you BOTH achieved them, then reward yourselves with a pedicure or a shopping trip.

CONNECT WITH ME and let’s discuss what makes you move/motivated! Then let’s plot a course designed specifically for YOU!