The Benefits of Running A Home Based Business Through MLM

Facing 50, I have decided to embark on a journey of financial freedom and living my healthiest and happiest life! I want OTHERS to JOIN ME on this journey, so they too can design their futures. Collaboration is KEY for most anything in life, so I have elected to use the power of social networking.

No more brick and mortar business.

Anyone, (present company included), who has owned and operated a brick and mortar business, is painfully aware of the immense burden that comes with being a small business owner/operator. Rent and repair costs alone can keep you working round-the-clock hours. If you have employees, then welcome a whole new set of responsibilities.

Selling ONLINE cuts the “middleman” costs.

No more paying for advertising, print costs, media buys, celebrity endorsements, retail space, and sales staff. The end result is a high end, superior product at a reasonable cost.

Bottom line, the entire landscape for conducting business has been shifting at a radical pace for years. Brick and mortar is slowing dying, while online shopping is growing at warp speed.


Those who elect to join me on this journey will own and operate their own business (like any Entrepreneur) but under the umbrella of an amazing company (making them an Intrapreneur). The research and development, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, distribution, shipping, and accounting are all done for you.

MLM is NOT a pyramid scheme.

I am using a streamlined distribution network to become a Brand Ambassador for a great product. I don’t SELL the product because the products sell themselves. As a Brand Ambassador, I am sharing my personal experience with toxin-free products with those I know and care about – and then offering them for purchase online.

I can sell my own products directly to consumers and/or I can expand my distribution by bringing in my own network to work/train and grow alongside.

MLM is my retirement plan.

Facing 50 has really forced me into a whole lot of reflection. I want to face the second half of my journey on earth with the freedom to make choices, have an exit strategy (from corporate world), create a philanthropic vehicle, and have some money to travel and enjoy my retirement.

This is my personal small business. I own it. I enjoy the tax benefits of being a small business owner, and I am running this operation part-time. If I had a retirement package that had me set for life, there would be little reason for me to embark on this journey. But, like many, I am not set for life.

Getting involved with multi-level-marketing – made sense. Now I am able to enjoy the savings from my healthy living products, while also sharing them for additional income! At my pace, and that of those I entrust to embark on this journey with me.

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