It’s Like Earning Your Wings so You Can Fly!

I am starting to think I should have called my blog site Facing 50! Seems the idea of turning 50 in the Spring, has me trying to fulfill some sort of bucket list BEFORE it happens.

My Bucket List to Achieve My Happiest and Healthiest Life

  1. Lose weight so I stop feeling like I am walking around with a massive bookbag on my back.
  2. Reverse signs of aging from my skin. This means going back to (#1 ) eating healthier means looking healthier.
  3. Rejuvenate my pizzazz for life. Wake up daily with a sense of hope and purpose.
  4. Become financially independent. Meaning, stop living paycheck to paycheck.
  5. Take a trip with the boys to Greece. Hence why (#4) is so important.

You get the drift. I have been living a day to day existence in a mundane and morose sort of way. I have not been taking the time to literally stop and smell the roses.

I am always rushing from point A to point B – which I could do A LOT more effectively without the excess weight. I barely take the time to wash my face at night – just so I can jump into bed sooner and get that extra ten minutes of sleep that a good nightly facial would prevent. Not sure why I even bother, because I tend to toss and turn as I figure out which bills are the higher priority to get paid. And a vacation, who am I kidding to think a trip to Greece is ever going to be a possibility?

Then I saw this!

How often are you offered the opportunity to make money, make a difference, and have fun all on your terms?

The solution to achieving my bucket list. I can pursue my desire to achieve goals 1-3 on my bucket list by incorporating these high-quality products into my daily rituals. I can ALSO pursue goals 4-5 by designing my own destiny through some hard work and commitment to . . . wait for it . . . ME!

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