The Power of Faith and Prayer is An Amazing Thing

If I were not so strong in faith, I would have given up by now. This past week has been pitiful! I have been diligently planning to host TWO home parties to share my new business venture and some AMAZING PRODUCTS with my friends and family. This, of course, between a full time job and managing an entire household.

Whoo Hoo, Today is My Launch Party!

Whoo-hoo quickly turned to Boo-Hoo. My morning started with numerous texts from more than 12 people backing out. This was followed by a grueling ride to my full-time job. Work was a little busy, hence my late departure. My lateness was rewarded by an equally painful commute home.

My party was scheduled to commence at 7:00 PM. I arrived home at 6:05 PM and had exactly 55 minutes to get the set-up of the products, food, and wine.

My Guests Arrived Early

My 55 minutes was reduced to 25! Sadly, my 25 minute window was occupied by cleaning up the mess left by my youngest son Jacob. Rushing upstairs to get into more comfortable attire, following a long day of work. This was followed by chasing down a Rottweiler “Buddy” who decided to escape when my Arbonne “mentor” arrived. Subsequent to his capture, the Boxer “DJ” decided to go rogue. While rounding up DJ, Buddy expressed his dismay to being trapped in my youngest sons room by peeing all over it.

Somehow I successfully cleaned the devastation of Tornado Jacob. Managed the capture and clean up of Buddy. Threw on a change of clothes and descended the stairs. Imagine my shock as I descended the stairs to see the early arrival of my guests.

Mind You, This Was All Predicated By The Following, The Night Before

How Much Money Can You Make Working for MLM Arbonne?

This Was Rather A Debbie Downer

Admittedly, this article was NOT what I had hoped to find when putting in keyword search, “Opportunities to Make Money with Arbonne”. It was nearly enough, combined with the EXCESSIVE cancellations, to call it quits to my launch party, and Arbonne. But then , the “WHY” I am pursuing this path resounded in my head. So, in Response to global MLM expert Robert FitzPatrick, President of Pyramid Scheme Alert, and author of the book False Profits. I am going to break this down . . . 

  • It it time to STOP living a life of insanity. I no longer wish to “keep repeating the same things over and over again, while expecting different results”.
  • As an experienced digital marketing ADDICT I intend to leverage the power of the internet to boost my Arbonne business.
  • I BELIEVE in the quality and value of the Arbonne products.
  • Becoming an Independent Consultant/Intrapreneur offers me an opportunity to provide solutions to OTHERS and myself.
  • Arbonne is a 38 year old company. If you are a scam, you DO NOT survive 38 years.
  • Arbonne places a heavy focus on reducing our carbon blueprint. They use recycled products for shipping and packaging.
  • Arbonne supports philanthropic efforts and gives back through the Arbonne Foundation.
  • Arbonne products are on the pricier side. You DO get what you pay for. Their products are SAFE, PURE and BENEFICIAL.
  • How HARD is it to replace $150 worth of (toxic) nutrition/beauty products I already use at home, by purchasing $150/month of (non-toxic) nutrition/beauty products from my own store?
  • Arbonne enables people to start their own businesses without making an unusually large monetary investment.
  • Arbonne offers QUALITY OF LIFE. Sales representatives can usually set their own hours. TIME with family is oftentimes MORE VALUABLE than cranking out hours at an office – away from your loved ones.

Let’s face it, whether you call it multi-level marketing, direct sales, or network marketing, the entire industry gets a bad rap.  It’s often labeled as a pyramid scheme or get rich quick scam, and frankly, there is ample evidence to approach it with caution.  However, trends in this business model are showing a very different conclusion. One that actually suggests that network marketing can play a crucial role in how well individuals can transition into retirement.

Wellness based MLM’s in particular are well positioned to help people retire with greater ease and success for two reasons. First, they create positive momentum.  When people start to lose weight, have more energy, or receive compliments on the way the look, it builds momentum.  They see, feel, and hear the benefits of their work paying off which encourages them to stick with the changes they are making. Second, there is a group effect. Many people struggle to develop and stick with a new health, diet, and exercise program on their own.  But when they do it in a supportive community with others, it’s much easier to get through the tough days and stay on track.  Furthermore, by taking better care of yourself, you are in a position to leave a better legacy than money could ever provide. – Robert Laura, Contributor, Forbes Magazine

In Summary

There WILL BE frustrating days. Some days I will wake with a feeling of enthusiasm and belief that NOTHING can shake me. Others I will question my sanity.

Being an Arbonne Independent Consultant is not for everyone. It takes a certain type of personality to ask your friends, family, colleagues, and total strangers to look at your products and business.

According to the article, only 3% of today’s Arbonnes reps are paid 90% of the money generated. I ask, then who is to say I cannot be one of them?

With a renewed faith in God’s plan for me, and faith in myself, I will be continuing this journey. Literally as I was writing this blog post – I just received a call from one of my attendees. She is SIGNING ON as an Independent Consultant!

Now that is what I call a WIN!