Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Life!

This challenge is not just about losing a pumpkin. It is about losing bad habits and dwelling in the past. I jump-started this journey last month with the #30DaystoHealthyLiving challenge. Out the gates, I dropped 13 pounds! Each day was an encouraging step toward my goal of healthier living. Mid month I completely FELL OFF the wagon. The stress of working a full time job, combined with starting my own business – took it’s toll.

It’s A Little Early, But Time for some ‘THANKSgiving’!

Thanks to my dear friends from Regis College. Their support and belief in me honestly restored my nearly lost enthusiasm. Because of them, I was able to achieve my steps toward becoming a district manager with Arbonne. Thanks to Donna Bradley for your knowledge and positive feedback about our products and services. Now I am equipped to handle those roadblocks as they come before me. Finally, MOST THANKS to Stephanie Lyon for your perseverance!  For SIX YEARS you have seen something in me that I have not been able to see. Your patience and willingness to go above and beyond, in an effort to see me thrive – is EXACTLY the reason I have decided to embark on the Arbonne journey.

Day 1 of the Lose A Pumpkin Challenge is ON!

Today is DAY 1 for more reasons that the obvious. The obvious reason is today is October 1st and officially marks the start of the #LoseAPumpkin challenge. For me, it also marks Day 1 of my COMPLETE AND TOTAL commitment to my “Why”. My why is my story. It is my motivation for embarking on the road to Intrapraneurship.

What is MY STORY?

My story is a long and arduous one that nobody really cares to hear. However, it is what got me to where I am today. Where I am is at a place in life of looking back with multiple regrets. Failed relationships. Failures as a mother. Failure in running a digital marketing agency. Mostly, failure in living the life that God has planned for me!

We do not heal the past by dwelling there. We heal the past by living in the present.

– Marianne Williamson

No more dwelling on the past. No more excuses. No more missing out on memories, broken promises, or bad choices. Time for living the life that was intended for me.

Renewed Faith

God does work in mysterious ways. As I struggle with keeping my promise to myself and my success, the sermon at the First Baptist Church in Medfield was “Keeping Promises”. My own Pastor was struggling with his promise to God to serve as Pastor of our tiny congregation. Our church has a rather small membership struggles financially. Despite the unknown fate of our church, he prayed and came to the conclusion that he had made a promise. Therefore, it was his intention to keep it.

I too made a promise that I would put an end to the self doubt and self hate that lingers inside. As many failures as I have experienced, I have also enjoyed several triumphs. Sadly my focus on the negative superseded my attitude of gratitude and it has cost me dearly. But that is now in the past . . .

Side note: For no apparent reason, a member of our town, not of the Church – presented my pastor with a check. He informed the pastor, “I have this overwhelming feeling that you should have this check”.