This Is NOT the Life That I Am Supposed to Be Living

Have you ever said this to yourself? If so, how often? For me, it’s become a nightly conversation with myself, as I reflect on the overwhelming day I just survived. That’s right, surviving, not living. Sad right?

If Life Is A Bowl Full of Cherries, Then Why Am I In The Pits?

Yet another phrase that has been running around in my nightly conversations with myself. Again, pretty sad.

How Did I Get Here?

For me, I always thought I was destined for a better life. Throughout my youth, I enjoyed MANY successes from being Captain of my athletic teams to a member of the National Honor Society. I was accepted into every college I applied, and I received a Deans Scholarship to the one I ultimately chose.

Today, I am a single mom with two children who works multiple jobs in order to make ends meet. My life consists of working in an office and then returning home to work at my home office – while juggling the role of chaperone, cook, housekeeper, and tutor. Not the fairy tale life with a knight in shining armor I had imagined.

Enough of the “Pity” Party!

Today, I stumbled across an Instagram post today with a video of a gentleman asking me, (well actually he was asking anyone watching), “why don’t you like yourself?” He went on to say, “you must not like yourself because you are not living your best life.” The point of the video message was to make it resoundingly clear that EVERY human has the ability to determine the course of their life. EVERY day we make decisions. We have the freedom to make decisions, good or bad. So “why would anyone knowingly make a bad decision?”

  • I can decide to take a walk in the morning, or I can decide to sleep in. (If my goal is to lose weight, maybe I should prioritize that walk.)
  • I can decide to eat a healthy breakfast or stop at the local donut shop. (Again, if I have a goal in mind, might be smart to bypass the morning coffee and donut.)
  • I can decide to be optimistic about my future, or I can wallow in the life I have lived. (I think you get the gist.)

Everybody has their own view of what healthy living means – having more energy, losing weight, incorporating good eating habits, having great-looking skin or improving self-esteem and happiness. Whatever your reason, this is a great starting point to work toward your goals. Here’s to a healthier, happier you!

I Realize How I Got Here

The man on the Instagram video was right. I really DO NOT like myself. If I did, I would have made smarter decisions. For example, I would not have settled for less than Mr. Right. Or trying to be SuperHuman and manage two jobs, two kids, two dogs, a household, and all the other aspects of my crazy life – without seeking the help of my loved ones.

It is time to FINALLY work on the NUMBER ONE relationship that I have repeatedly ruined throughout my lifetime. A relationship with myself! Time to do things that will make me happy.

I will start by taking care of myself as well as I do my children. I will make time for me as much as I do for everyone around me. I will work harder to achieve my goals, as much as I encourage others to do the same. Finally, I choose to be successful with my Healthy Living Products business, as much as those before me who have believed and achieved!

ANYONE who is ALSO living a life they are not supposed to be living, JOIN ME!

Stop living the “how did I get here” life! Let’s meet and discuss what success looks and feels like, so we can experience it together! I know I am worth the time, are you? Take the first step and download the 30 Days to Healthy Living Guide. Then CALL ME at 617.606.1448 to learn more.