My Thighs Are Talking Too Much

Real blogging is incredibly personal. Readers do not go to blogs just to read what is written, but for the writer behind the words. Blog followers are seeking a unique voice, a new perspective, and insightful ideas.

Hence, why I am going to be 100% authentic about the FACT that my thighs connect. When they connect, they make this HORRIFIC swishing noise in some of my clothing! It is embarrassing, and frankly quite annoying.

So, it is TIME to take action and end the conversation.

My Actions Are Doing Too Little

My insecurities and comparing myself to others success have been holding me back long enough. I have literally been paralyzed when it comes to pursuing living happy and healthy. My paralysis has lasted about five years now. (Hence, why my thighs might be conversating so much as of late.)

Time to put on my big girl boots and start walking! (Okay, I will actually use the Nike sneakers I purchased for motivation).

My days will IMMEDIATELY start with a brisk 5:00 AM walk with my dogs. I will follow that with a warm shower and a healthy Arbonne breakfast to prepare me for the day. My LONG-TERM commitment will be to live my life focussing on matters of which I am passionate.

Working Towards Things of Which I Am Passionate

No more worrying about whether or not I am saying the right thing, what is currently popular, or that which will turn a profit. Instead, I am going to start journaling hardcore and heartfelt experiences. Those who can relate will continue to read my articles. Those who cannot will keep it moving. BOTH scenarios are OK.

What Am I Passionate About?

Being a good role model for my children is important. So I will chat about good parenting tips. Being fit is important, so I will share exercise and healthy food recipes. Being financially stable matters, so I will share tips for saving and making money.

I am not here to be popular. I am here to share what information with people who are LIKE ME. People who might also be a single parent. People who are struggling with weight. People who always seem to be a dollar short and a day late.

Follow Me and My Awesomeness!

I have found my awesome and I intend to share it! It took me nearly 50 years to discover that I have a LOT to offer. I have experienced many things and have learned from my experiences. I intend to share some of those quirky tidbits right here on this blog – so PLEASE, for the love of yourself – BOOKMARK, save, subscribe, and be sure to receive alerts every time my next greatest bits of wisdom come out.

For those who DO NOT know how to do any of the above, just visit for your daily dose of sanity. You can THANK ME later when your own life is favorably changing.