Don’t Let Others Negativity STOP You From Pursuing Your Dreams!

Embarking on this journey to a healthy and happy life has come with the reality that many close to me DO NOT believe in what I am attempting to do. Those who genuinely LOVE me and wish the BEST for me, do not fully support my venture. Some feel that I am setting myself up for failure, while others feel I have too many obligations than to take on starting life as an Intrapreneur.

Your dreams and your actions define you.  Don’t let others define you with what they tell you to do and not to.

Not pursuing your dreams will make you left with a feeling of being unaccomplished. People who are willing to take risks and TRY, are doers. Doers are the makers and shakers of the world. They have the power to create, influence and make a change in their lives and those around them.

Fears Are Normal. Proceed With Caution and A Plan

Anyone contemplating a major career or life change undoubtedly will have doubts and moments of trepidation. This is totally normal, valid, and worth resolution. It’s not easy to take that leap, especially when fear, worry, and doubt creep in.

You should also be reminded that the risks we don’t take are often the ones we regret most. The FIRST step to achieving ANY goal is to take that step.

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.

-Nelson Mandela

No More Excuses

You are a single mother, you do not have the support of a loved one to help you, your current job demands are keeping you from being able to pursue what you really want to do.

It’s easy to think about all of the resources and time you don’t have. Instead, think about the ones you do. Identify the resources and tools you have that can work for your dream. Draw out a plan to incorporate them into achieving your goal.

Plan Ahead

Write down your dream. Envision yourself pursuing and being a success at achieving your ultimate goal. Write down an outline of the steps to achieve your goals. Does your dream require a business plan or some funding? Do you need some online courses to assist you? Do you have any experience to set a foundation? Locate people you know, (or online), who have made their dreams work for them. Maybe someone in the industry you seek to venture into. Seek their guidance and mentorship. The more you think and talk about your goal, the more you can begin to see it come to fruition.

Do you follow footsteps, or do you follow your DREAMS?

Believe in yourself and your own abilities first and foremost. This alone will make believers out of others. Let’s connect and discuss a way to help one another stop surviving and start thriving. Discover the tools and resources developed by an entire army of fellow Intrapreneurs willing to support my own and YOUR pursuit of a dream.