Have You Ever Tried Something and Failed to Succeed?

Did you try to run a brick and mortar business or even an online storefront? Maybe you tried to be an actor and realized you did not put enough effort into your drama classes. Did you make a run at being part of a happy marriage? Or did you simply try to lose weight? (Actually, the words simply and lose weight should not even be in the same sentence.)

I am pretty certain there is something all of us have tried at one point and failed. But did we? We may have failed to succeed, but we did not fail. I think failure is defined by whether or not we set goals and achieved them.

To have NEVER tried is the failure.

So, how do we increase our chances of success?

There are 4 basic principles, for any situation, that would apply to increase your chances of success.
  1. Figure out what your desired end result is. (happy marriage, weight loss, successful business, etc)
  2. Understand what you need to get there. (communication, diet and exercise, business plan)
  3. Set achievable goals that you can celebrate along the way. (date night, 10-20 lbs, new product line)
  4. Be REALISTIC about your expectations and the length of time it will take to achieve them.

Be SMART when tackling anything in life.

  • Specific. A good goal includes specific details. For example, a goal to exercise more is not specific, but a goal to walk 30 minutes after work every day is specific. You’re declaring what you will do, how long you will do it and when you will do it.
  • Measurable. If you can measure a goal, then you can objectively determine how successful you are at meeting the goal. A goal of communicating with your spouse better is not easily measured, but a goal of having 2-3 healthy conversations a week can be measured.
  • Attainable. An attainable goal is one that you have enough time and resources to achieve. For example, if your new business does not allow spending more time with family, then that would not be an attainable goal. However, every Sunday is a family day is more realistic.
  • Relevant. It’s important to set goals that are relevant and meaningful to you and where you’re at in your life right now. Don’t set goals that someone else wants you to obtain. Ask yourself what’s most important to you, and then determine your goals. If weight loss is a priority for you- ask your doctor to help you determine a daily calorie goal based on your current weight and health.
  • Time-limited. Pick your goal and set a deadline accordingly. For example, if you want to show profits by the close of your third year in business, set an algorithm that will allow you to stay on course financially.

Get Support

Join a tribe of beautiful, amazing, motivated, and inspiring women (and even men). When you open yourself to sharing your own experiences with others, you will be amazed at the rewards it brings.

As an Intrapreneur, you will be surrounded by women (and men) who have raised babies and teenagers, some alone, some with a spouse. There are people who have known success and wealth along with loneliness and self-doubt. What might start as a journey toward achieving one particular goal might – could end up a lifetime of getting together to achieve more.

You will come to realize the support you can give and receive by working with those around you who are struggling with life’s myriad of work, family, love, sickness, and even death. The collective power and strength of a support network will allow you not only to survive but to thrive.