I have reached a point in my life where I want to start thriving, not just surviving. Facing 50 and not living the life that was designed for me has been frightening. A single mother and small business owner. Two teenage sons, whom I adore, but whose lives I have been living, instead of my own. I have lost ME. Every night I crawl into bed losing my sense of purpose.

Facing 50 in Fear is Where I Have Been

After many doomed relationships, failed business ventures, the quick sale of my home, and withdrawal from active participation in this thing called life – food became my soulmate. I have packed on 50 pounds in the past four years and my health is failing as a result.

Facing 50 Fearlessly is Where I Want To Be!

A close friend of mine introduced me to the concept of being an Intrapreneur. She works with a corporation that combines superior, botanically based products with a generous compensation plan. They offer exceptional support, training, and a committed leadership to create the perfect window of opportunity for ANYONE. For her, life is full of awesome opportunities – to earn a living, enjoy a flexible schedule, transform her own life and the lives of others.

There are two ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the difficulties or you alter yourself meeting them.”
– Marlene Dietrich, German Actress (1901-1992)

Time to Start Thriving and STOP Surviving

I took my friend up on her advice and realized I too can achieve my goals of financial freedom and healthy living. As an intrapreneur, I am surrounded by a network of men and women who have also raised babies and teenagers. Some, like me, have gone it alone, and some with a spouse. There are people who have known success and wealth along with failure and poverty. One commonality we ALL share – we all have a story. That story is the WHY for many who have become Intrapreneurs, like myself.

In this world of disconnect, it is nice to reconnect and/or make new connections.

For more than a decade I have managed an insane schedule, tried to break through glass ceilings, bounced babies on my hip, founded Uber (or at least I should have with all the carpooling I have done), brought home the bacon (and fried it up in a pan), tried to create warm and loving relationship with my ex-spouse, his friends, my ex-in-laws, colleagues, my own friends, and even strangers. I did this believing that some way I would be rewarded with a remarkably problem-free life. BOY WAS I WRONG!

No matter what foot I put forward (Coach on good days, Payless when funds were tight), I would walk through life trying to look like I had it together. Meanwhile, that tiny voice inside would remind me that I had two teenage boys out of control, missed mortgage and car payments to catch up, a small business that could end any day, (it did), spouses, colleagues, and bosses who had been untruthful, selfish, unfaithful, or just plain stupid.

I cannot go it alone, despite my best efforts to do so!

I have come to understand that I have gone, (and will continue to go through), more transitions and life changes than I ever imagined possible. Changes that can build my character and transform me into a wise gal, or leave me feeling broken and alone.

TIME TO TAKE THE SURVIVE AND THRIVE ROUTE. I will take what life has offered up so far and search for hidden opportunities in less than perfect circumstances. I will cultivate my own and a collective willpower of other women to move up and move on, even if the process is heart-breaking.

Together We Can ALL Navigate Through Tricky Times!

What started for me as a journey toward a better life, is becoming an opportunity to get together with like-minded individuals to achieve ALL life has to offer. I hope to grow a tribe of beautiful, amazing, motivated, and inspiring women (and even men). When you open yourself to sharing your own experiences with others, you will be amazed at the rewards it brings!

Join me in discussing my life-altering decision of thriving vs surviving.