A defining moment will have a significant effect on your life’s trajectory.

Every life is a series of defining moments. Moments that shape and change us, and have a huge impact on our development and our choices. They aren’t easy to recognize when you’re experiencing them. However, as you peer back, through the lens of hindsight, it’s easier to see the small twists and turns that shaped everything you were, you are, and where you will be.

Life’s Possibilities Masquerading As Obstacles

These moments in our lives are as unique as we are. We have all experienced positive moments and difficult ones. No matter what type of experience one has, it is not the situation itself that actually matters.

  • First Day of Kindergarten
  • First Kiss
  • First Broken Heart
  • First Job
  • First Job Loss
  • First A in School
  • First F in School
  • First Business
  • First Failed Business
  • First Health Scare

There are two ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the difficulties or you alter yourselt meeting them.

– Phyllis Bottome, English Writer (1884-1963)

That Moment That Made Me Question Everything

What I have come to realize is that a defining moment is really a “re-defining moment”. A moment that determines the true course of our character, purpose, and response to life.

Mine was the act of getting on the scale before going to bed about a month ago. My first reaction was a total shock, followed by an immense feeling of despair. Standing there, glancing down, memories of who and what I once was, and had hoped to be, raced through my mind. Unaware of the time as I stood there, I am quite surprised the scale didn’t break beneath the pressure of my behemoth body! Whatever length of time it was, it was long enough for me to experience a complete epiphany.

This was the moment when the realization hit me! My sense of what is truly important had somehow gotten lost. The demands of my role as a single mom and my responsibilities as the sole breadwinner had contributed significantly to the obvious detriment of my fundamental, ongoing, happiness. Somehow, for the past decade, I had developed habits that were distancing me from fully immersing myself in the awe-inspiring mystery of living the present moment. In my distracted state of trying to keep things together, I had actually managed to completely fall apart and fall out, (like literally, in multiple directions where girdles can’t hold things in).

Courage Of Starting Over

Time lapsed, still standing, an urgent questioning and re-prioritizing of my own social values and accepted ethics swooned through my mind. I experienced some sort of coming face-to-face with the deeper sense of myself.

That’s when a moment of passion like I’ve never felt before moved its way into my brain. It was like a small voice reminding me where I should be going to get where I want to be.

What I want to be is a person living her healthiest and happiest life. I want to be that girl who wakes each morning with a sense of purpose, confidence, and worth. To reach out and share my mental and physical transformation. For me, it is time to start my healthy living now.

What is Your Passion?

When was that one single moment in time that changed you from who you were to who you are?   You know – that moment when your commitment to your core values was tested and ultimately your character was defined? Share it here so I may pay it forward to the three people who actually read this blog.

If you have NOT yet had such a moment, then lets’ connect and reflect on where you have been – so we can set the course for where you can actually be!